Revolver – The Beatles (1966)


It’s not uncommon to read that Revolver is not only the greatest Beatles album, but by virtue is the greatest album of all time. Nonsense. While Revolver is a consistently great album that finds The Beatles really delving into the weird, drugged out psychoses of their minds, there’s no way an album with a song about a submarine can be the greatest ever. In fact, while the rest of the album is rock solid, very few of The Beatles’ best songs are here. The best one by a mile is “And Your Bird Can Sing,” featuring sunny riffing from George Harrison and a beautiful harmonic vocal delivery from all, but what’s second place? “Taxman?” “Eleanor Rigby” gets all the love for being strange and melancholy, both of which are true in spades. But there comes a point when making good music is sacrificed for the sake of artistic expansion and “Rigby” barely toes that line. “Tomorrow Never Knows” is also notable for being the moment when The Beatles took the leap off the deep end. It’s a good song and was way out there at the time, but in a world where nonsense like The Dirty Projectors is considered good, Revolver sounds downright tame.


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