Hello and welcome to The Soundtrack Online, a website that I created not out of an interest in monetary gain, but instead because I love talking and writing about all forms of entertainment and making my musings available for others to read at their leisure.

The concept for The Soundtrack is a brainchild that I had when I was first hired as the Entertainment Editor for my college newspaper The East Texan at Texas A&M University-Commerce back in the Fall of 2013. As a new hire, I wanted to bring a unique spin to this page that I suddenly exhibited complete autonomy over, which was something that I considered a great honor and privilege as I had no previous experience as a journalist prior to my employment. I came up with the weekly Soundtrack column, named for my favorite song at the time: Radiohead’s “Motion Picture Soundtrack,” where I could talk about all things music whether it was news, personal reflections, opinions, and so on, in addition to listing the five or so songs that I was regularly listening to that week. It was a great outlet for me and it served as a launching point toward helping me become the longest-running editor in that publication’s over 100-year history.

Since that time, I’ve always retained a passion for writing about music, which I have done to much acclaim winning numerous awards at the annual Texas Intercollegiate Press Association convention. I won first place three years in a row and liked to think of myself as the best album reviewer in the state of Texas (at least on the college circuit) during that time.

My goal for this site has always been to update it regularly with new content, primarily within the musical realm. But I don’t want to just limit myself to just writing about music. Now that I have complete autonomy over this site and thesoundtrackonline.com domain, I want to write about all areas of entertainment from films to video games. Writing about new releases is cool, but I also love revisiting old stuff from the musical, film and video game worlds, and I think posting reviews of this old content from bygone years will not only set this website apart, it will also be fun for me to do. The bottom line is that there is no specific criteria for what I write about here.

Let me leave you with this before you either leave this page to read some of my content or get back to your daily life beyond this website: what we do to entertain ourselves is not only personal and sacred, it provides a way for us to express ourselves, from listening to Taylor Swift through our headphones where nobody can judge us to blowing the heads off of Super Mutants in the ruined downtown of Washington D.C in Fallout 3. Whether you’re talking about music, movies or video games, our entertainment is the soundtrack of our lives. So let us celebrate it.


-Andrew Burnes
Editor – The Soundtrack Online