Hotter Than Hell – KISS (1974)


Of all of KISS’s albums, none had more squandered potential than Hotter Than Hell. While later albums like Dressed to Kill and Rock and Roll Over were marred by mediocre songs, Hotter Than Hell contains one of the greatest collections KISS ever released. Many of these songs including the title track, “Parasite,” “Let Me Go, Rock ‘N Roll,” and “Watchin’ You” went on to become among KISS’s most beloved, and were also immortalized with their inclusion on Alive! In addition, “Goin’ Blind’s” unique, eerie instrumentation and imagery (it tells a disturbing tale of a doomed affair between a 93-year-old and a 16-year-old) makes it a standout selection among hardcore KISS fans, and “Mainline,” (helmed by the indelible Peter Criss) is one of the greatest songs they ever recorded. Unfortunately, the album is marred by horrible production (it’s probably the worst sounding non-live album I’ve ever heard) and a dirge-like pace that was thankfully later rectified with Alive! one year later. Hotter than Hell will always be a beloved LP among hardcore KISS fans. But for everyone else, it’s may be their most inconsequential release from their heyday.

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