Kid A – Radiohead (2000)



While it hasn’t aged as well as some of Radiohead’s other landmark releases, Kid A is still a fantastic avant garde trip through Electro-Rock hysteria. From the droning “Everything in its Right Place” to the hypnotic drive of “Idioteque” (which remains one of my favorite of their songs), the album is filled to the brim with transfixing oddities that, while not for everyone, certainly make Kid A an album unlike any other and mark a dramatic shift of focus from the more traditional song structure (for Radiohead standards anyway) of The Bends and OK Computer to the more undefined style that they retain today. “In Limbo” wanders a bit too much for my tastes, but it’s more than made up for by the likes of the melancholy “How to Disappear Completely,” the eerie “Morning Bell” and, my personal favorite, the heart-wrenching closer “Motion Picture Soundtrack,” which toward the beginning of my musical life was my favorite song of all time. I’d still list it among the greats.


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