Highway to Hell – AC/DC (1979)



Bon Scott’s potentially aptly-named farewell to our world features everything that makes AC/DC great; guitar badassery, gutteral vocals, funky rhythms, and lots and lots of sex. As the precursor to the infinitely more famous Back in Black, Highway to Hell is often shut out in discussions of the greatest Rock albums ever made, but to AC/DC purists (if there are any) it may be the stronger of the two. Sure nothing quite makes it to the level of “You Shook Me All Night Long,” but “Touch Too Much” comes pretty damn close. And the anthemic title track, the sing-a-long smashery of “Walk All Over You,” the hilariously self-deprecating “Shot Down in Flames” and the violent-but-lovable “If You Want Blood,” are all among AC/DC’s greatest triumphs. The album would be stronger without the ultra-repetitive “Get it Hot” which sounds like it was just kind of phoned in to pad the album’s length, but with the band at its peak, phoning it in was still better than a sizable chunk of the competition.

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