All Eyez on Me – Tupac (1996)



Leave it to Tupac to make a double LP out of a single EP’s worth of material, but damn if it wouldn’t have been one for the ages. The title track’s effortless bravado seeps show-stealing swagger, “All About U’s” damn-near sentimentality is a sweet change of pace, and the fascinating remix of Dr. Dre’s untoppable “California Love” is unique enough to warrant a space next to the original. But of course, nothing can top the legendary “Ambitionz az a Ridah” which captures ‘Pac at his MC peak (which raises the question as to why he would put it at the beginning of the album knowing that nothing could possibly top it). All of the other 23 songs can be summed up in two words: thugs and bitches. For Tupac fans and ’90s Hip-Hop heads, the quality of the production and Tupac’s impeccable delivery makes up for his lack of notworthy lyricism. But for the rest of us, it all starts to run together.

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