Survivor Millennials vs. Gen-X Episode 6


In a move that Survivor fans across the country applauded, tonight’s episode produced Adam Klein’s epic betrayal of the Millennials by allowing the elimination of the season’s most infamous player: Figgy. Not only does this keep my pick for winner of the season, Ken McNicle, alive in the game, it created another memorable moment for a season that continues to get better with age, soaring high over the last one. Elsewhere, Michaela Bradshaw continued to reign supreme over her athletic tribe in the challenges, but it was her tribemate Jay Starrett who gained power in his corner of the island with his discovery of a hidden immunity idol. Unfortunately for him and his 18-year-old accomplice, Michaela saw it happen. The question remains: what is she going to do about it?

6th voted out: Figgy

Tribe Rosters

David Wright
Zeke Smith
Chris Hammons
Michelle Schubert

It was a good episode for this, the least athletic tribe in the game. Michelle and Zeke, though adversaries in the individual game, have great chemistry when the pressure is on in these challenges. Michelle better hope that continues; otherwise, she’ll be the next to go.

Ken McNicle
Adam Klein
Jess Lewis
Taylor Stocker

It was only a matter of time before Taylor was hit with a much-needed slap of reality at the hands of Adam Klein and Ken McNicle. This episode provided it. He better bust his ass in the next challenge (provided there isn’t another tribe mixup), because if they lose again, he’ll be following his fling back to the homeland.

Michaela Bradshaw
Jay Starrett
Will Wahl
Hannah Shapiro
Bret LaBelle
Sunday Burquest

This tribe continues its run of dominance in challenges as I predicted last week. If they stick together when the tribes inevitably fall back into two, they could take over the game. Michaela and Jay in particular are power players that could wreak havoc if they ever decided to team up.

Contestant Rankings

14. Michelle Schubert (Last Week: 15)
*Michelle saved herself this week with her great displays in the challenges. But make no mistake about it: she’s on the bottom of the weakest tribe in the game. Not good.

13. Taylor Stocker (Last Week: 13)
*Frankly, this dude is an idiot. Maybe he’ll be able to focus more now that Figgy is gone, but if his tribe loses another immunity, he’ll be right behind her.

12. Sunday Burquest (Last Week: 12)
*In the unlikely event of Escabula losing an immunity challenge next week, it seems as though Sunday will be the one to go. Bret isn’t much better, but he’s better in challenges than Sunday.

11. Bret LaBelle (Last Week: 11)
*I’ll be honest, I haven’t liked Bret from the beginning, but he seems to be in a relatively safe position with a weaker member of his generation available to be deposited.

10. Hannah Shapiro (Last Week: 8)
*After her panic attack this week, her tribe may decide that she’s the weak link if they lose another challenge. But she is a millennial in a tribe that is dominated by them, so I think she’s relatively safe for now.

9. Chris Hammons (Last Week: 5)
*It was a quiet week for Chris. Sometimes that’s good. But if you aren’t a focus of the edit, odds are you aren’t meant to be thought of as a power player. There may be a reason behind that.

8. Will Wahl (Last Week: 7)
*Will’s been flying under the radar all season, but he got caught red-handed this week by Michaela alongside Jay when the two found the hidden immunity idol. Jay’s the one with the idol, so that puts Will at a higher risk.

7. Jay Starrett (Last Week: 10)
*Jay moves up in the rankings this week after he found a hidden immunity idol, but he failed to do so covertly and thus he still hasn’t convinced me he has the focus required to win this game.

6. Zeke Smith (Last Week: 6)
*Perhaps the one individual that benefitted the most from the tribe swap, Zeke seems to be in a good position in his alliance with Chris Hammons. If he really does align with David next week as was teased, he’ll be in a power position for sure.

5. Michaela Bradshaw (Last Week: 3)
*Michaela isn’t in the alliance I see preparing to take over this game, but I get a lot of Sandra-esque vibes from her. Add that with her ability to physically dominate, and she’s a huge threat to win.

4. Jess Lewis (Last Week: 9)
*I don’t think Jess is as likely to win as the rest of those in her alliance, but crazier things have happened. At the very least, I think she’s in a good position to make it deep in this game, possibly even to the final vote. And who knows what that advantage is that continues to loom over the game?

3. David Wright (Last Week: 4)
*David sucks in challenges, but he seems to have the rest of this game in the bag along with his second hidden immunity idol. Jess should be loyal to him when they get back together since he saved her ass, and if Ken brings Adam along, they will become powerful in this game.

2. Adam Klein (Last Week: 2)
*Adam made the biggest move of the episode with his betrayal of Figgy and Taylor. Some on Twitter think this eliminates him as a potential winner. I disagree. The millennials sill have a lot of time to get over Adam’s blindside, and if he makes it to the end, there will be no doubt it’s because he earned it.

1. Ken McNicle (Last Week: 1)
*Ken remains the individual I predict is most likely to win the game despite his nearly fatal tribal council on this episode. He’s proven that he has the ability to get out of tough spots more than once in this game, and he’s played the social game so well up to this point, last night may have been his last hurdle until the end.

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