Burnes’ Turns: October 1-5


This week’s Burnes’ Turns is easily the longest as I included an entire album in addition to four other songs I’ve enjoyed throughout the week thus far. There isn’t really much of a common threat this week except that I think every single one is great.

  1. “11 p.m.” – Kazumi Totaka, Asuka Ohta
    There are times when multi-layered, complicated songs are incredible, but there are just as many excellent tracks that feature a minimalistic approach. This track ripped straight from the soundtrack of Animal Crossing: Wild World falls into the latter category. Boasting just three chords with a twinkling production underneath and a kick drum on ever other beat, this almost lullaby-esque track brings up all kinds of emotion in me. You probably can’t hear it in my Spotify playlist since it isn’t on the service, but you can check it out and download it here: http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/animal-crossing-wild-world/56-11-pm-ac-ww-.mp3
  2. “Hangover” – Charlotte OC
    I first heard this track back in the heyday of iTunes when the service granted its users free songs every week. Often these tracks were excellent, and I discovered a lot of great artists and songs through the “Single of the Week.” Of these, this trippy track featuring some effortlessly sexual vocals from Charlotte OC is still one of my favorites.
  3. “Cult of Personality” – Living Colour
    During the senior year of my college run, I had honed my craft, and my newspaper The East Texan, into one of the best in the state, but I still dealt with confidence issues as the paper retained a bit of a stigma from prior years of poor content. So every day when I walked into my domain, the unnamed Journalism building on the A&M-Commerce campus, I played this track through my headphones. It gave me what I needed to kick journalistic ass each and every time.
  4. “November Rain” – Guns N’ Roses
    What can you say about “November Rain” other than it’s a classic for all time? Of all of the now over 2,000 tracks in my master Burnes’ Turns playlist, this is one of the songs that I’ve known for the longest. But every time my shuffler lands on it, it takes me back to the first time I heard it. They have a word for that: timeless.
  5. Every track from London CallingThe Clash
    Other than perhaps Alvvays’ self-titled album from 2014 and The Beatles’ white album, I’ve never heard an LP where I simply couldn’t pick a favorite track. But of those three records mentioned, I consider London Calling to be the best. I’ve included the entire album in my playlist this week, simply because I can’t pick just one. Or five. Or ten. They’re all equally perfect.

For more playlists, including my master Burnes’ Turns playlist that contains nearly 2,000 songs, search for Andrew Burnes or Burnes’ Turns on Spotify.

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